7. Adding/Editing Menu Item(s)

Adding menu items is simple. Log into your administrator. When you mouse-over the “MENUS” item, you will see a drop-down list of all the menus currently present in the system. Most of the time the menu you want to edit is called “MAIN MENU” and is already present upon us building your website.

Select MAIN MENU. Here you will see a list of menu items that correspond to the menu items on your homepage. To edit any particular one, just click on it and edit as needed. You can delete and unpublished as well. It is straight forward.

To add a new menu item, click “NEW” at the top right.

On the corresponding page, select the type of menu item you like. In this example, we will do a typical article menu item. Select ARTICLE > ARTICLE LAYOUT.

On the corresponding page, fill in your information.

  • Enter a title
  • Pick which menu you want this new item to appear in, e.g. MAIN MENU
  • Select the parent item, “top” will make the this item a main link in the menu, or you can make it fall under another link, e.g. a menu hierarchy
  • Select published or no

To the right of the page, under PARAMETERS (BASIC), select the article that you want this menu item to link to

Hit Save, and you are done.

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