What are the Main Fee's involved with Website Design?

Owning a website comes with a few different fees that you should understand.

1. Design (One-time Fee) 2. Website Domain Name (Annual Fee) 3. Web Hosting (Monthly Fee)
The Design is a one-time fee to have a professional Web Designer build your website.  A Domain Name is basically your website's name. For example, our Website Domain Name is www.SimpleNerds.com.  

Registering your Website Domain Name is similar to a Car Registration.  You register it for a year, and you must renew it once the period its over.  After a year, you can either renew it, or you can let it expire.  We recommend purchasing at least 2 years because if you forget to renew it, anybody else can register it and take ownership.

When someone types in your website name, your website files are loaded from a server. This server is referred to as a "web host" and allows your website to remain online.

1. Your Monthly Web Hosting fee will be charged from the start of the Design Process.

2. Web Hosting is a recurring fee.  Some customers prefer to pay for it in advance of a year.  If you purchase it in advance, please remember that you will need to renew it once that period ends.


1. Additional Web Page
If you need an additional Web Page, there is a one-time fee of $49.95 per page.  This includes the creation and design of the page by our Website Designer. 

2. Website Updates
We have two options when it comes to website updates. First, you can login and make updates yourself. There is no charge for this.  Second, we work with a lot of business owners who get really busy. They sometimes prefer to have us handle updates. We can handle updates in half-hour increments for $20. 

3. Layout Changes
If you change your mind on the layout you would like, you can change it before our designer begins work on it.  If our designer already begins work on the website, and you decide to change the layout, there is a $99.95 fee to do so.  This is because once we start on a layout, and you decide to change it later, we have to go back and completely restart the website design process.

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